Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re Postcard

from Leah Stuhltrager
to Jerry Blackman ,
paige damstuhltrager ,
rebecca layton
date Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 1:40 PM
subject Re: DRAFTS & BLOG START...


the logo can not be just randomly floating 1/3 down the card and white text is illegible with a white strip behind it.

honestly and bluntly, you are continually being very disrespectful. if you were to carry on this way with any other gallery they would have told you to fuck off long before now, case in point, gavin brown's website still has no mention of your show, which is essentially in little over a week. i highly doubt you have sent emails telling that gallery to write a press release for you or get the info onto their site, arguing what pieces are to be in the show or asserting how a postcard their should look. if you did so, it would be totally inappropriate. your emails are especially frustrating to me because i take the time to reply and explain the perimeters of decisions with all respect to you. replying takes time i could better put to use investing in your show in other aspects. meanwhile, in return to my replies, you continue to debate - taking the tone of someone who feels they know better than we do - rather than move forward.

we'll finish the original pc drafts. please drop the issue and know that your card will be conceptually smart and well designed.

your cv needs a lot of work. i'll need fodder. please send any info i can incorporate- places/causes you've donated work, orgs you are affiliated with (bushwich biennial, nurture art slide registry for example...), art projects you've participated in (for ex online's brooklyn art project or one night public art events or happenings), studio programs/ residencies/ talks you've participated in, honors you graduated with, art based internships, press that you've gotten... etc.

and very important - do you have letterhead???

we'll get you a blueprint of the gallery with our curatorial layout of work for the show by weekend's close.


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