Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Call For Entries: Summer Sesion 101

Nurturing Emerging Artists in an Unsupportive Financial Time


is accepting submissions for SUMMER SESSION 101

Curated by Leah Stuhltrager, Rebecca A. Layton & Paige King
Deadline: May 1, 2009

In this moment, the art world (like the rest of the world) is prioritizing where and how funds are spent. From museums to galleries to artists, from organizations to publications, creative minds have had to recently reevaluate, refocus and reinvent their way of spending.
Instead of financing a summer of exhibiting produced artwork, Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery will be funneling their funds directly back into artists creating. "SUMMER SESSION 101" explores what happens when a gallery directs funds away from exorbitant presentation and into artists themselves.

In "SUMMER SESSION 101", two artists selected from an open call will be given the Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery to use as studio space for two months. The artists' creation process and progression towards a finished work will be the gallery exhibit. In addition to exposure to the general public during the gallery's regular business hours, the artists will also have 5 different VIP guest "visits" from professionals who have achieved success and have insight into what no one ever learns in school.

"It is especially important at this moment to open dialogue that examines differences in funding pioneering Art and artists vs sustaining, chasing or defining commercial interests." - L. Stuhltrager Mar 29, '09