Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the pre-mtg, pre-mtg-mtg plan part 2

from Leah Stuhltrager
to paige damstuhltrager ,
rebecca layton
date Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 9:42 PM
subject jerry notes/ touching base

ok ladies,
i need everyone to do their "no rain" dance for fri!!!

rebecca req printouts.
i agree!
here are the notes so far on jerry and some more thoughts from me. adddd aaawwwwaaaayyy!!!:

1. what areas of his work we thought were strong... (what areas of his work are strongest ladies?)
L: Energy, inquisitiveness & curiosity that sincerely comes thru as the unifying identity of all his work (his body of work).
R: I would say his ability to tackle icons while bringing out the human elements of them. Also the fluidity of his medium, he is a skilled draftsman.
P: glass/mirror/wood.

2. what project we'd like to see developed... (what is feasible and meaningful to help him develop as an artist?)
L: A project that is medium in scale/ production & is big on conceptual clarity... It should be a signature piece. An artwork that can embody/define his body of work. The goal is to have the piece convey the concept in a single picture w/out text needed to explain.
R: When I spoke to Jerry Friday I mentioned him reusing past pieces--bringing them together in new ways, Paige mentioned that he recycles parts of his pieces--perhaps this could be brought together?
P: The immaculate employment of glass/mirror/wood diametrically opposed materials provides the critical symbol with a past, present future narrative, and indicates the cosmology of man's ( emotional/ nostalgic) relationships with one object.

3. our marketing plan... (how/where/to whom do we promote his concept/aesthetic?)
L: depends on the project

4. our presentation / portfolio plan... (how best is his work documented? how is his writing on his work?)
L: part 1. organized series of pics w/correct captions, create cd portfolio, text pdf for each major project on cd
part 1b: bio, statement, cv
part 2. evite of piece for summer series, press text
part 3: look at existing website / give input

5. exposure... how does he begin to generate press buzz... (i can answer this given the answers to the above...)
L: mass mailing, register on search engines, captioning images for searches, tags
registries, 501(c)s, building contact/press list
writing artists/critics he genuinely likes
gallery hitlist, attend openings

-plan vips to help mt goals set

-stipulate how the space is to be used. bells and whistles are in his studio. as long as the gallery is used in an experimental/learning/developing way ie: not formal exhibition - it would be on point for this show.

- blog???


Hi Leah,

I think you may have misunderstood my question with print-outs/flyer/postcard/etc. about Summer Session. Of course I understand how important taking notes is to facilitate the process but I was inquiring about what Jerry had asked me: if it was possible for us to make some type of print-out that he could have at his open studio, i.e., publicizing his involvement with Summer Session--something with dates, his name, the goal of the show...

Talk to you tomorrow,


holy crap! i did misunderstand.
i will whip up something tonight!
what the hell would i do without you?

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