Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Postcard

from Leah Stuhltrager
to Jerry Blackman ,
paige damstuhltrager ,
rebecca layton
date Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 4:22 AM
subject Re: DRAFTS & BLOG START...


I took time since I last wrote to think about how I could best work with you from this point forward.

The plan of action:


Images selected:
The concept of the front of the card- "an artist's process/creating art" - we all agree on. The back concept needs to continue/reinforce/relate to the idea of "an artist's process/creating art". (Funny- our only thought at the gallery re: the back image was that your hand could be little dirtier or have tell-tale signs that it was indeed a hand in the midst of creating and not just staged. We didn't request a second batch of hand pictures and don't think more are necessary... But we do feel the ones you sent are much less effective since they depict a clean, idle hand and not a hand of an artist creating.) We will stick with the first two images selected.

I plan to finish the card Thursday. Feel free to present an alternative CONCEPT you'd like us to consider which incorporates the logo before Thursday. Otherwise, we will run with the finishing photoshop-ing the stamped logo which we like very much at the gallery. Sticking our logo in the corner - without conceptual consideration - is not an option that would look good on anyone involved.

Text next to finger:
The text you requested we move a bit away from the finger would impede the crop lines for the bleed and be either cut off in printing or pushed into the addressee space deemed necessary by the post office.

Text on top right:
I have already edited it. Thank you for catching the typo.

I couldn't get past the index pg for a good amount of time bc I did not realize I needed to click on the bottom visual. That's a big problem bc the public will not spend time to figure that out.

I just checked and can not find a raw text file of you CV on your submission CD or in my em. I also just went to your site to find it... And can not cut and paste the text from your site. If you send me a PDF or .doc file I would be glad to look it over and help organize it. Same is true with your artist statement. I can get edits to you by Sunday night if you get me the files by Friday.

Other than my offer to help edit this weekend, I can immediately say CVs generally have a set format for listing exhibits:
Most recent show goes at the top...
Date, "Exhibit Title", Venue, City, State
(Curator's name should go btwn Title & Venue ONLY if it is a very recognizable name. I bold the venue and curator's name so it jumps out in a quick glance. DO NOT include anything that just fills space but says nothing about your accomplishments. For random ex instead of "Night of 1000 Drawings", Artists Space, NY, NY on an exhibition list - at the bottom list Donated Art to: Artists Space, NY, NY.

EMAIL bounced back to me as undeliverable.

Paige, Rebecca and I will come to a consensus this weekend. I can say, refrain for the moment from getting frames... I am not as keen on framed drawings as I am drawings straight from the sketchbook.

I plan to work on this on Sunday and will either call for a pow-wow or email you more then.

Much respect,

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