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Another article for Jerry!!!


google search results: online presence part III

"Dam, Stuhltrager", "Summer Session" results: was 666 at opening/ then at 1350 / now at 1630
top search results on pg: re-title, Artcat, Summer session on BAP

"Dam, Stuhltrager", "Jerry Blackman" results: was 216 at opening/ then 979 / now at 870
top search results on pg: Summer session on BAP, Examiner, Dam Stuhltrager site

"Summer Session", "Jerry Blackman" results: was 197 at opening/ then 994/ now 1,170
top search results on pg: Summer session on BAP, NYArtbeat, Dam Stuhltrager site

"Gavin Brown", "Jerry Blackman" results: was 80 at opening/ then 191 / now at 273
top search results on pg: artslant,Examiner intvw, 16miles

"Living and the Dead", "Jerry Blackman" results: was 68 at opening / then 192 / now 379
top search results on pg: Examiner intvw, Summer Session blog, Artslant

"artist", "Jerry Blackman" results:
top search results on pg: Examiner, Bushwichbk, Summer session on BAP

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Visual Aids

Snapshot details of the Anchor with sketches


The mighty wall of Correspondence/Blog comments/Press

Saturday, July 18, 2009

2nd Set of Google Stats: Online Visibility

"Dam, Stuhltrager", "Summer Session" results: was 666 at opening/ now 1350
top search results on pg: Summer session on BAP, Dam Stuhltrager site, Artslant

"Dam, Stuhltrager", "Jerry Blackman" results: was 216 at opening/ now 979
top search results on pg: Summer session on BAP, Dam Stuhltrager site, Artslant

"Summer Session", "Jerry Blackman" results: was 197 at opening/ now 994
top search results on pg: Summer session on BAP, Dam Stuhltrager site, Artslant

"Gavin Brown", "Jerry Blackman" results: was 80 at opening/ now 191
top search results on pg: Summer Session blog, Examiner intvw, Artslant

"Living and the Dead", "Jerry Blackman" results: was 68 at opening / now 192
top search results on pg: Examiner intvw, Summer Session blog, Artslant

"artist", "Jerry Blackman" results:
top search results on pg: Summer session on BAP, Dam Stuhltrager site, Artslant

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Insight Please: Defining Success--Arts/Artist/Gallery

How is "success" defined in the Arts?

What makes an artist or gallery "successful"?

In terms of success, what is the order of importance among: critical acclaim, sales, influencing other artists, placing work in visible permanent collections to ensure longevity of work being seen for future generations, making a living as an artist, museum of biennial exhibits...

Insight Please: Request for Comments

Does the definition of "emerging artist" apply to those who have an extensive body of work but not had recognition?

Definitions of emerging artist on the Web:

Definition of established artist on the Web:
  • An artist who is at a mature stage in his or her career and who has created an extensive body of independent work. An established artist has reached an advanced level of achievement by sustaining a nationally or internationally recognized contribution to the discipline.

Insight Please: Request for Comments

Should young artists devote all studio time to developing art or should a portion be spent on developing their art into a business?

Is it ever too early for an artist to think of his/her creating art as a profession?

Insight Please: Who is What to Whom? Professionally speaking...

What should an artist expect from a gallery?

What should a gallery expect from an artist?

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Art Lovers and Us

check this out...
2 messages Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 4:09 PM
To: Leah Stuhltrager

Maybe not "press", but still pretty good.


Leah Stuhltrager Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 4:16 PM
very good indeed!

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Qi Points to Press

press connect!
1 message
qi peng Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 9:05 PM
To: Leah Stuhltrager

a cool review for the show, leah and rebecca and paige. hurrah! good stuff :)

qi peng

Genius Grant

2 messages
Leah Stuhltrager Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 12:58 AM
Maybe we aren't talking about the same MacArthur Foundation Fellowship/Residency...
Is this the MacArthur your friend got straight out of college? Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 11:00 AM
To: Leah Stuhltrager
No, no. MacDowell Colony In New Hampshire. Yeah, don't think I'm quite ready for a MacArthur genius grant just yet. Maybe someday.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jerry Seeks Advice

your professional opinion on two matters.....
1 message Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 5:12 PM
To: Leah Stuhltrager
Hey Leah,
In the spirit of the our show I thought I'd run it by you first before I make what might be some important decisions.

Firstly, I've been invited for a residency at the Vermont Studio Center Unlike other residencies which are highly competitive in terms of admissions, it is only the available scholarships that eligible participants strive against each other for. I think basically anyone who applies gets in and it is only a question of who gets what monetary inducement. Out of a standard $3750 tuition, I've been asked to be responsible for only $2200, room and board included. Perhaps if I schedule my one month stay for a more inconvenient time of year, say, deep winter, the price will go down. It would still be very expensive especially considering my respective studio and apartment rents here in NY, that I'd still be responsible for. What do you think? Necessary fodder for the CV? Good career move in terms of connections? Tranquil time in desolated beauty? I'm interested in your opinions.

Secondly, there is an opportunity posted on ARTSLANT that I find interesting:

The Bravo network is hosting an open call for an art reality tv show. Jeffrey Deitch did something similar with "Art Star" and the Fuse network did something called "Art Race". Is this a total career buster? Does it trivialize the normal and honest avenues to artistic recognition? Is there such a thing as a normal and honest avenue? Again, before I apply for this I'd be interested to hear what you have to say.

Thank you for your time and look forward to reading your reply


Catching up and Vermont Studio Residency Insight...
Leah Stuhltrager Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 5:53 PM
Jerry -

Just sent the below email out to an artist who I've worked with.
Let's see what his first hand experiences are.

As far as the Audition Call...
When James Fuentes curated the Art Star reality/happening at Deitch, it was as an art piece in itself. It was produced by those who loved Art for the art world. The the joke/laughs/satire was the theme - not those participating. The artists were in on it and in that way, they could call their on shots. The reality show casting at White Columns soon is going to be edited by tv producers for the general public. It is not about Art but about entertaining the masses watching from home. I won't tell you not to audition for the tv reality show. If you decide to audition, just keep in mind that the producers will be the only ones to show anyone looking who you are thru cutting and pasting to create the picture that brings them the highest ratings. Hmmmm... Guess that tv reality producers might be artists after all. They just aren't ones I view much.

Hope this helps.
I'll get back to you when I hear more re: Vermont...


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The Morning After...

Life is quick to imitate/elevate art.

It's the morning after Jerry's opening reception, and there are two air currents weaving through the gallery. One flow is from a spinning fan in the back, the other, from a natural breeze jogging through the open front door. Together they create a whirl, which in turn, charges the many written exchanges and sketches, (which are displayed and pinned to the wall) flap on end, literally interacting with each other. I had a chuckle, and a good morning.

I don't remember who said it, where I read it, or even when, but " Children are the messages we send into a future we cannot see." engraved itself upon the inside of my scull...
Since the beginning of Summer Session, and it's metamorphosis into an expose` on the undertakings of a (our) gallery (the relationship between a gallery and an artist, and the professional progression of a young artist) it has become a compilation of informed messages. Dam,Stuhltrager is offering a (much needed) guiding light, ( for those that are in the dark) while trying to secure and expand all that is good in the art world. Last night brought in a great many young artists, of whom are close friends of Jerry's. Watching them read the long line up (gauntlet) of the ( sometimes " saucy") emails and exchanges that have facilitated this show, made me wonder how the generations will approach and change the art world. If there's any security in how things are functioning today, and how things might grind a few decades from now? And, what changes the inter-workings of the art circuit? is it the art itself, technology, or the people? And if the people, which people, and why? And, as for myself (yes, a mere child of the art world) why did the art world seem so scary before I made contact? Did I simply get lucky and meet the angels at the gate? No, I cannot foresee the future, but the written and unwritten messages read last night will be a compass. And as "Summer Session" progresses, we'll continue to bring out the microscopes, and let the light shine on down, eh?

And then there was an " Anchor"...
There's a school of people who care little about how things are made. I'm not one of those people, nor do I believe most are. (I'm curious)-- if I'm up to my elbows is the bedrock of a creation, I feel the further my consciousness will be informed. (maybe I'm tapping too far in?)
Anyway, last night there was a lot on display, including the artistic cultivation of Jerry's " Anchor (gradient) ", stemming from his sketchbook. It was an intimate account of his ideas, and humanity. Often him questioning himself, us, the reason for his art at large, it's value and relevance--the common battle, you know. But It's been particularly fascinating to see him follow through with his vision, to work on it, and for which I am thankful.
The "Anchor" stands against the wall, it's large, a few feet higher than I, and, like all anchors, it sits on it's side. The gradient is glass, mirror and wood. The immaculate employment of these diametrically opposed materials provides the critical symbol with a past, present future narrative, and indicates the cosmology of man's ( emotional/ nostalgic) relationships with one object. This is what I loved about Jerry's work in the first place. ...Excited to see what else he cultivates.
- Paige

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Read June/July PRESS ONLINE at:

Examiner/ Exclusive Assassination interview w/ Jerry for Summer Sesssion

Art Observed coverage of Gavin Brown

Greenpoint Gazette's coverage of Bushwick Studios


Leah Stuhltrager
paige damstuhltrager ,
rebecca layton
date Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 11:40 PM
subject press online as of today...

i grabbed the articles from online, cleaned them up and archived them as pdfs.

examiner interview w/ jerry for summer sesssion
art observed's coverage of gavin brown
greenpt gazette's coverage of bushwick studios


Connecting People to the Names & Faces

** Qi Peng sent a series of interview questions to Jerry Blackman & Leah Stuhltrager. Qi's questions and Jerry's and Leah's replies will be published later in this blog when the interviews are officially published. **

from Leah Stuhltrager
to qi peng
date Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 1:22 PM

am drafting answers to these...will get my reply to you in next 24 hrs...

from qi peng

to Leah Stuhltrager
date Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 1:58 PM

Hi Leah,

Thanks very much. By the way, here is a photograph for the blog in
case the public wishes to know who the guest is. Much appre

sincerely, qi


from qi peng
to Leah Stuhltrager
date Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 12:45 PM

Hi Leah,

I just submitted the show for an ArtCat listing at:

Thanks again.

sincerely, qi

from Leah Stuhltrager
to qi peng
date Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 12:47 PM

yes - james and barry (artcat) are great. they curated a show for the gallery a while ago.

Summer Session VIP Qi Peng's Interview with Jerry Blackman


Monday, July 6, 2009

The Truck: Part II

to Leah Stuhltrager
date Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 2:39 PM
subject Eh! Sorry, last time!

This is unfortunately getting needlessly complicated. We're back to Tuesday now- 3:00 pm, see you then.


from Leah Stuhltrager
date Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 2:54 PM
subject Re: Eh! Sorry, last time!

3 pm tues it is then!
see you then.

Qi Peng interviews Jerry Blackman <> Sun, Jul 5, 2009 at 3:25 PM
To: qi peng <>
Reply | Reply to all | Forward | Print | Delete | Show original
Hey Qi,

I liked the baseball card you made! I can't believe you found that
picture, (facebook?, artists wanted?), anyway, it is a good one- you
can use that. I have started answering the questions and should be
done by tomorrow. How long should each answer be about roughly?, If I
ramble on too much, will you edit, or if I'm too brief will you follow
up for more? Just curious.

qi peng <> Sun, Jul 5, 2009 at 4:41 PM
Reply | Reply to all | Forward | Print | Delete | Show original
Hey there Jerry,

Sounds good. Feel free to answer the questions any way that you like.
For example, one of the people answered nearly 43 pages in his
response whereas another subject didn't answer any of the questions
directly in her own style. It's up to you in fact.

Being that this is an interview portrait, answering from mind and
heart is the best :).

Good luck on the questions. Examples of interviews are at: and at I appreciate your response.

About the art world baseball cards, I do a ton of research for them.
You can find them at:

Btw, are you on Facebook? Thanks so much again.
- Hide quoted text -

sincerely, qi
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 11:46 AM
To: qi peng <>
Reply | Reply to all | Forward | Print | Delete | Show original
Hi Qi,
Attached is a word document with answers to all the questions. I hope
it sounds good. The catalogue seems like a good idea, I suppose Leah
would be the one to talk to about that.
No, I do not have facebook- but wherever you found that image for the
card- you can use that. Anyway, thanks for being a part of the project
and look forward to seeing how it progresses. Thank you very much for
the stimulating questions.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Truck

to Leah Stuhltrager
date Sun, Jul 5, 2009 at 11:40 PM
subject Install

Hey Leah,

So I'm making reservations for the truck and was wondering if after noon-ish on Tuesday was going to be okay to bring the sculpture by?



from Leah Stuhltrager
date Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 1:00 AM
subject Re: Install

anytime after 3pm would be good on my end.
looking forward to seeing this exhibit come together in the space!


to Leah Stuhltrager
date Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 1:36 PM
subject RE: Install

I'm looking forward to seeing this come together as well. The trucking co. can't have a truck for me till Wednesday. Is that going to be okay? Will Wednesday be after three as well?



from Leah Stuhltrager
date Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 1:51 PM
subject Re: Install

no problem.
can do wed after 3 as well. (i will be there til 8pm.)

i can also be at the gallery noonish - 8pm thurs and friday.
can you just let me know the times you expect the truck and to install in the gallery so I can arrange my schedule?


to Leah Stuhltrager
date Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 2:11 PM
subject RE: Install

Right now its looking like I'll have the truck for Wednesday after three. Getting the Anchor installed is going to be the most difficult. After that I'm just cutting up my sketchbook- so Thursday and Friday whenever should be okay. Do you think it would be advantageous to come to the gallery either today or tomorrow so I can pick up the postcards and spend as much time as possible distributing them? Also, today we have the evite ready, correct? I'd like to start sending those out from my end ASAP as well. Thank you so much.



from Leah Stuhltrager
date Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 2:38 PM
subject Re: Install

i'm in process of press / deinstall for your show. as well, i've got contracts for our museum exhibit in shanghai needing attention immediately.

we do not mail pcs but will distribute thru wburg on fri (galleries are not open here mon - thurs) and keep some for handing out at our gallery. pcs have never proven effective, so we use our time to promote via web / evites.

we will hand set aside some pcs for you to hand out. (i've been at gallery since 9 - pcs not here yet - but they are to be here anytime before 6.)

so here's what i suggest:

mon by midnight:
leah - finish deinstall / repaint
leah - second half of press
leah - evite to jerry

jerry - forward evite

wed at 3 pm
jerry & leah - get answers to questions back to qi peng
jerry - drop off of anchor and pick up of postcards
leah - print out all text / images / drafts / blog etc

thurs noon - 8pm
jerry - install anchor
jerry - install drawings
leah - install all text / images / drafts / blog etc

friday noon - 8pm
jerry - install as needed
leah & rebecca - touch up / install as needed

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Listings Begin! First Set of Google Stats...

Posted to manual sites and sent emails to first group of listings.
Official release to press & general list scheduled for Monday the 6th.

Initial Set of Google Stats re: Summer Session's or Jerry's online visibility

"Dam, Stuhltrager", "Summer Session" results: 666
"Dam, Stuhltrager", "Jerry Blackman" results: 216
"Summer Session", "Jerry Blackman" results: 197
"Gavin Brown", "Jerry Blackman" results: 80
"Living and the Dead", "Jerry Blackman" results: 68

More search stat details:

"Jerry Blackman", "art" first page of google results (top listed first):
summers session blog, summer session on artslant, summer session on brooklyn art project, summer session on gallerydiver, gavin brown show on artloversnewyork, summer session on artreview

"Jerry Blackman", "artist" first page of google results (top listed first):
summer session on artslant, summer session in wagmag, summer session on, summer session blog, jerry's entry page to west prize, summer session on gallerdiver, jerry's open studio qoute in greenpoint gazette, summer session at brooklyn art project

found in searching to bring to jerry's attention / add to cv:
**note to self: make sure to ask jerry if he has google alerts set for himself.

Qi Peng Presents Jerry Blackman & Leah Stuhltrager

from qi peng
date Sat, Jul 4, 2009 at 4:46 AM
subject for the summer session blog

Hey there Leah,

Here are a few ones for the blog. sincerely, qi

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Press Release Release

from Leah Stuhltrager
date Fri, Jul 3, 2009 at 9:37 PM
subject listings, evite & 2 press releases


I got the lowdown from Rebecca about your opening. I'm glad it went well!

We have two official press releases for your show. Although you already have the first one, I'm attaching both here for easy reference.

We have also begun getting listings out. (You can already see some progress by googling: Jerry Blackman, artist).

The evite will go out on Monday.

Happy holiday weekend!


Yeah- things are going well. People seem to be interested. I guess it was you who hooked me up with QI Peng from the Examiner?

Anyway, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind including some addresses in your postcard mailing.

My Mother:
xxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx, xx xxxxx

My Father:
xxxxx xxxxxxxx
xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx, xx xxxxx

And Myself:
Jerry Blackman
xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx, xx xxxxx

Thank you very much


qi peng is one of the vips i asked to join in...

he sent me some things to add to the blog.

i plan on updating it today btwn holiday festivities or tom.

postcards are due in monday.

will add the addresses.

mostly send out evites and disperse postcards round town.


Insight Please: The Request for Comments

Seeking answers some of the questions SUMMER SESSION raises about the relationship between art-artist-gallery-public, I sent emails to some who's insight, work and voice I truly admire. Although each letter may have differed a little personally, below is the general text:

Dear ----,

I'm am personally reaching out to interesting people I've met over the past few years in the art world to participate in our upcoming summer show. If you submit your voice/thought/words into our blog - you are in the show. No censoring... No fee... No jumping thru hoops... Just a request for you to be apart of an interesting conversation and an interesting exhibit....

Below are details.
Much respect,

Invitation to participate to Summer Session...

Dam, Stuhltrager's upcoming exhibit, SUMMER SESSION aims to inquire into art's process and progress as well as explore the inner workings of the art-artist-gallery-public relationship.

To fulfill the show's intention, the gallery is inviting artists, gallerists and art appreciators to participate in this exhibit by adding to the open discussion at: Along with exhibiting every text, pc, cv, photo draft, email involved with launching SUMMER SESSION's selected artist, Jerry Blackman - every blog comment will also be printed and hung as part of the physical exhibit in the gallery from July 11 - Aug 30. Sign your name if you'd like to be accredited or give input anonymously. NO VOICE WILL BE CENSORED and every single person contributing in the dialogue online will be included in the show.

Come what criticism may be tossed our gallery's way in buckets, we look forward to SUMMER SESSION's viewers and guests creating art (thus exploring art's process) by exploring the relationships of art - artist - gallerist - public.

If you join in, the discourse is sure to get interesting quick.

With respect,

The Living and The Dead and some thoughts.

This past Wednesday the sun was shining, the ice cream trucks were singing and there was a freaking huge crowd swarming Gavin Brown Enterprises, for the opening of The Living and the Dead, of which Jerry's Untitled (To Amelia) is being exhibited.

Circulating the crowd, room after room, I found Jerry's piece sitting in a corner with Jerry, his family and friends, immersed in chat--about life, about art.

A really important element of showing art (presenting it to the public) revolves around the feeling of the gallery and the people who run it. To some, it's about showing what's "hip and now." To some it's about expansion into unknown territory. To others, remaining as a classic example of purveyors of a specific period. Regardless, every gallery has common goals. They need to--in the most basic terms---survive. However, along with these common goals, every gallery differs based on it's core.

I feel at home at Dam, Stuhltrager because I am passionate about artists as individuals and as creators. I believe in fresh, thoughtful and provoking work because the community we keep here has a sense of family through art--its conception, creation and showing. We value each other, we know the work, and we know the process of how it all came to be.

Because of this I've always felt that our gallery is a special place where a family of writers, curators and artists work together--be it in the storefront on Marcy Avenue for the past 13 years, or over the sea in our many international ventures.

Standing under the canopy, situated outside Gavin Brown Enterprises on Wednesday evening, crowded with picnic tables, hot dogs and hamburgers, I was reminded of a feeling I hadn't experienced since childhood--the excitement of a block party. And yet, since then, thoughts have been registering on what makes a community. And how that community exists, be it in a way that is superficial or "authentic," and really who is to say what these defining principles are?

Seeing Jerry stand by his piece with his father, mother and passing by friends, while we discussed, questioned and hypothesized about Summer Session --I knew he and his work would fit in just fine here at Dam, Stuhltrager-- to encourage the important dialogue that needs to become public --that of the gallery, it's workers and the artist-- even if it's just for the summer.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

VIP #1: Qi Peng

qi peng Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 8:49 PM

I am currently an arts columnist at the and was wondering whether I can interview you via e-mail about your recent solo show at Dam, Stuhltrager for the arts column I am working on.

Please reply when you get a chance.

Thanks again, qi

---------------------------------------------------------- Fri, Jul 3, 2009 at 12:59 AM
To: qi peng

Sure! You can email me or call me at xxx xxx xxxx. I also have a piece in a group show at Gavin Brown's Enterprise which opened yesterday.
Looking forward to talking to you.


qi peng Fri, Jul 3, 2009 at 8:44 AM

Hello there Jerry,

Sounds good. I will call you sometime next week and email you the interview questions in a separate email. Thanks again!

sincerely, qi

On 7/4/09, qi peng wrote:

Hey there Leah,

Here are a few ones for the blog. sincerely, qi

qi peng

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Beginning, Not The Conclusion of A Body of Work

from rebecca layton
to Leah Stuhltrager
date Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 12:58 PM
subject Re: 2nd press release draft...

hey leah,
hope you are well.

thanks for sending the second draft.
explaining the transformation/original goals to the viewer is really important but can become lengthly/jargon-y for an audience. and yet in the draft it is very well done--easily read and really gets the message across--quite an accomplishment. the only thing i wanted to ask you about was the focus of the show being heavily on the dialog between you and jerry--it comes through in the press release and i was wondering if that was what we wanted or if that was just an element of the greater whole of the show...?

&are you planning on going to jerry's opening tonight or do you know if paige is?

hope this makes sense ive been running on very little sleep but am looking forward to coming in and getting down to work.



From Leah to Rebecca


are you going? if so, can you shoot a few pics? could you write up a blog entry on it?
if you can't go tonight perhaps another day this week? friday?
i'm def interested in having you write for the blog instead of me.
i think that may actually add valuable substance / perspective to jerry and my email contributions.

i def don't want the press release to read as an expose of jerry and myself as characters.
the intention absolutely needs to remain an exploration of the relationship btwn art - artist - gallery - public.

its funny, i was thinking when i uploaded all the ems, that jerry himself has made me play the "role" of gallerist much more than i generally do with any of our artists. i feel like the blog/exhibit thus far is showing a very one dimensional face to the deep and complicated, reflexive, co-dependant existence btwn art, artist, gallerist... yet the texts acknowledge that about themselves. the ems and pr admit they are just a starting point, and invite inquiry into what lies deeper over the next two months. basically, this show allows itself to open with a beginning. i find this interesting because most exhibits would open to essentially unveil a conclusion - art that has already been completed and moved on from by the artist. conceptually SUMMER SESSION opens on the show itself gathering elements to experiment and drawing a question mark.

just a thought to share. i didn't really ever look at starting an exhibit as proclaiming a conclusion before.

is there anything you'd suggest to change/delete/add? do you think it is totally the wrong direction to go in?


Monday, June 29, 2009

DEAR READER: The Blogging Commences

Dear Reader,

This blog (started on June 20, 2009) was not part of the initial concept of the exhibit "SUMMER SESSION".

In short, the curatorial concept of SUMMER SESSION initially was to focus the gallery's time, money and energy meaningfully into an artist's development and the creation of artwork. The show's premise was to promote creating something substantial and endearing beyond presentation. The gallery space would be used as the artist's studio. The artist, creation process, and progress of public/gallery/guest VIP interaction over the summer would comprise an evolving exhibit exploring relationships within the art world.

Utilization of the gallery as a studio space was immediately scrapped when the artist selected from the Open Call, Jerry Blackman, pointed out that he'd work better in his current workspace - a fully equipped studio with all tools and comforts needed. It only made sense to adjust SUMMER SESSION to maximize the resources available. At its heart, SUMMER SESSION is a response to the market's inevitable reconfiguration of appropriating resources.

All involved came to the same conclusion. Mr. Blackman would work from his studio. The gallery space would be used to explore the process and progress of an artist by exhibiting ideas for new works as they develop. SUMMER SESSION morphed to include a large new work completed throughout the duration of the show and a cluster of raw drawings added to, drawn from and modified while Mr. Blackman works.

As the exhibit became more self aware of its ability to inquire into art's process and progress, it became increasingly necessary to juxtapose a like-minded inquiry into the art world's process and progress. With this intention, I'm very excited (albeit feeling naked) that Jerry Blackman and Dam, Stuhltrager have decided every text, pc, cv, photo draft and email discussion will be printed and hung as part of the exhibit and posted on this blog. The decision to hang prints of all past and future supplement materials stemming from SUMMER SESSION exposes both the gallery and artist completely... Yet this action will offer an unpredicted, unique and utterly sincere perspective.

Essentially, SUMMER SESSION grew beyond its conception to become more aware of what it was born to be. Instead of constricting natural growth of a project as a gallerist (who stands to lose any control of the exhibit in her space and be seen sourly), I recognize it is more important to be apart of what this project is becoming: a true exploration of the relationship of art - artist - gallery - art world - public.

Come what criticism may, I look forward to SUMMER SESSION's viewers and guest VIPs contributing to what is as of this moment, an open dialogue.

-Leah Stuhltrager
Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery

Facebook: Private Talk with Qi Peng

dear qi peng-

every now and again i see something online that catches my attention and i am curious enough to search out more.

i see you visited my gallery from the sign in book. then i peeked at your flickr photos to find pictures of your visit, which made me laugh. next time introduce yourself, i like meeting people in person more than online. i am writing you because i am working on a summer exhibit/project that may interest you. i'd like to invite you to be involved with since it has parallels to your exploration of the dynamics of the art world to individual.

i'm in the midst of launching our summer show - "SUMMER SESSION" which came into being from a Call For Entries. this particular show has taken on a life of its own and been a very interesting experience for me as a gallerist. in short, the curatorial concept was to focus time/ money/energy meaningfully into an artist's development and the creation of artwork. the show aims to promote creating something substantial and endearing beyond presentation. our gallery space would be used as the artist's studio and the artist, creation process, and progress of public/gallery/guest vip interaction over the summer would comprise an evolving exhibit exploring relationships within the art world.

i knew it would be a new learning experience for all involved. in the past few days, i'm very proud (albeit nervous) to say that the selected artist (Jerry Blackman) and i - after a tumultuous getting to know each other phase- understand each other better. we've decided to blog everything - each good, bad, "oh no" and "ah-ha" moment. every press text/ pc/ cv/ photo draft and every emailed discussion (especially) will be printed and hung as part of the exhibit. the decision to hang prints of all past and future materials relating to SUMMER SESSION exposes both the gallery and artist completely. yet this action will offer an unpredicted, unique, sincere perspective.

i'm excited to see SUMMER SESSION grow beyond its conception. instead of constricting natural growth of a project as a gallerist who stands to lose control and be seen sourly, i recognize it is more important to be apart of what this project is becoming: a true exploration of the relationship of art - artist - gallery - art world - public.

we are gearing up to launch SUMMER SESSION within the gallery space and online. as part of the project, five vips are asked to offer their input/advice/thoughts/comm
entary on developing a specific aspect of art career. i'd like very much to have you participate in the project and be our vip with expertise in social networking. having you participate as a vip guest via a virtual studio visit to the project online may prove very interesting and add another new dimension.

i'd be thrilled to talk more about you participating and appreciative to hear any thoughts on the project as a whole.

warm regards,


Dear Leah,

How are you doing? I appreciate and happily accept your offer to work with you online with SUMMER SESSION. As you may see, a lot of conceptual artwork deals with the holistic creation of relationships within the art world.

I hope to drop by your gallery and say hello next time I am down there in New York City. I am glad that my first solo show at envoy enterprises went rather well and it means a lot to me. For me, your gallery has been significant and much appreciated by me as you represented the work of my friends William Powhida and Loren Munk.

My flickr website hopefully is an extensive "catalogue raisonne" of my work and I am planning to execute an artist's book and exhibition based on this first solo exhibition in NYC. Yep, I'm pretty postmodern in liking to do an exhibition about how an exhibition comes into existence.

Also my series "art world baseball cards" and "documents" relate to the process of art marking as well as becoming an artist (particularly from SLC which is not noted for its contemporary art) within New York City as a displaced New Yorker.

The link to my baseball cards can be found at:

I hope that my work in the art world will be helpful to others as a resource and documentation of process art in motion. I appreciate your invitation and am glad to hear from you.

If possible, please e-mail me at or contact me via phone at (xxx) xxx-xxxx as it is easier to manage than FB (which crashes a lot on Vista).

Thanks and I hope to hear more from you soon.

sincerely, qi


Hey there Leah,

A few things for the blog to be posted perhaps:

1) baseball cards for yourself and Jerry Blackman that I just completed
2) if possible, I would love to ask the both of you some interview questions and then upon answering, the question and answer would be posted on the blog
3) the original correspondence between you and me as well as Jerry and me would be on the blog as well.

Just some ideas for the blog and thanks again!

sincerely, qi


i got your msgs.

we actually have a house full of food preparing for a late lunch bbq or i'd be posting them right now...! its one of the few non-work days i am obliged to spend w/ family and they call me to task on it.

i will def post everything you sent. thank you so much for your contributions!

i think it is a brilliant idea for you to interview jerry and i. i feel this makes sense to your work and could be a very interesting way to further explore the art-artist-gallery-public relationship.

i'll sneak back onto the computer late tonight and get the materials you sent posted.

with respect and excitement,

Hi there Leah,

Sounds good. Also just wondering whether it would be a good idea to post the emails between Jerry and me and the FB messages between you and me? I think that this would end up being a good monograph or booklet perhaps.

It's always interesting to read artist's manual on how to make it as an artist but it's much more interesting to see this process up close and personal I suppose. This blog would make for some interesting exhibition catalog I think?

Enjoy the holidays and thanks again!

take care, qi


i'll post everything i've got tonight!
til then,


to Leah Stuhltrager
date Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 12:57 AM
subject RE: curatorial layout for SUMMER SESSION

Wow! Thank you so much- the CV looks great! Great job with the letterhead! The layout looks good too. If I remember correctly, that wall designated for the anchor doesn't have a molding on the floor does it? I think the opposite one might. And its just sheetrock with metal studs right? The piece is really designed, (visually and mechanically) to lay flush to the wall, I hope that's still possible. Anyway, that's pretty much what I was thinking. We'll try the sketchbook drawings in the back and the progress materials in front- and we can always switch it around if it doesn't look right- but it seems like it should be fine to me.

I am very excited as well and look forward to seeing how the show develops. Thanks again.


to jerry from leah:



The wall designated for the anchor does not have molding. It is sheetrock on wood studs I believe.

We are absolutely still on track for install: July 7 - 10.

Hope to see you Wednesday. If I don't make it - its not that I don't want to. My gallery work schedule has a way of dictating my life.


to leah from jerry:

Glad we're on the same page.
It's alright, I understand if you can't make it. I just checked out the blog- looks good but I think there is a small typo. No big thing: it reads Gavin Brown Enterprises- but the official name of the gallery is Gavin Brown's Enterprise - just thought it might be worth mentioning.


to paige from leah:

can you make this edit?
it won't let me edit it... ;(?
maybe its prohibiting me bc i wasn't the original author?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Curatorial Layout

from Leah Stuhltrager
paige damstuhltrager ,
rebecca layton
date Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 8:15 PM
subject curatorial layout for SUMMER SESSION


Paige got a chance today to update the blog with the Gavin Brown exhibit info postcards. I hope that all is gong well with installation there.

and... Whew! I didn't think we'd get to finalize this today but it seems everyone at the gallery had the same input and it came together quickly.

Attached is a curatorial layout.

As decided on at the studio visit, the anchor will be the focus point of the exhibit.

There is also wallspace dedicated to the displaying drawings, an idea that we've discussed in different ways throughout recent emails. Paige, Rebecca and myself all agree that we would like to see unframed original drawings/sketches hung in a cluster. This cluster of drawings can be added to or changed throughout the exhibit and should serve to give the audience a more comprehensive view of your work as a whole/ you as an artist. We see this part of the exhibit as means to interact with those looking much as a studio visit would. The drawings convey your ideas/ thought process for you - in all stages of development.

After much consideration how to tie the exhibition back to SUMMER SESSION's intention of focusing on creation of work and navigation of the professional art world, we've arrived at an idea that feels very "right" to us. In the curatorial layout, you will also see there is wall space to document the process/progress of SUMMER SESSION. We'd like to visually include a visual timeline of all the materials stemming from this exhibit from start to finish. Beginning with the original Call For Entries- to your submission, our notes, emails, drafts, edits, printouts of research and blog text, submissions to opportunities, photos, vip input, etc... All materials would be hung in a cluster on the wall, earliest dated highest towards the ceiling- most recent reaching towards the floor.

We'd entertain switching the walls dedicated to drawings and the process/progress timeline if you'd rather the drawings be hung in the front room with the anchor.

SUMMER SESSION is coming together nicely, even with a rocky start with all of us getting to know each other abruptly. I feel at this moment, this is a very special exhibit that does stay true to exploring the artist - gallery - art world relationship. It has potential to reach its goal to extending much further than being just an exercise in "presentation".

Much respect and good momentum your way,


Re: CV

from Leah Stuhltrager
cc paige king ,
rebecca layton
date Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 4:54 PM
subject Re: Hey gang!

hey jerry!

there are lots of great steps we can take over the next two months to get your cv to a much better place.
i'm excited to get your work out and things added to your cv!

attached is a cv draft that i think is good to start with.

paige made letterhead that reflects your business card.


Gone Postal

From Manhattan to Brooklyn...


07/01/2009 - 08/07/2009

Gavin Brown Enterprises
620 Greenwich St.
New York, NY

Adam McEwen Ajay Kurian Amy Yao Andrew Kuo Anicka Yi Anne Collier Ara Dymond Boris Rasin Brian Belott Brina Thurston Cara Benedetto Carissa Rodriguez Cindy Sherman Dan Colen Dave Choi Dena Yago Dominic Nurre Elizabeth Peyton George Condo Gianna Commito Haim Steinbach Harry McNally Hope Atherton Jacqueline Humphries Jaime Gecker Jerry Blackman Jesse Willenbring Jim Krewson John Finneran Jonathan Horowitz Josh Kline Josh Smith Justin Matherly Kathryn Garcia Kenny Komer Lizzi Bougatsos Mathew Cerletty Matthew Higgs Matthew Ronay Michael Caputo Michael E. Smith Michael Queenland
Michael Zahn Mirabelle Marden Nick Relph Nik Gambaroff and Matt Sheridan Smith Pat Berran Rachel Feinstein Rob Pruitt Robert Moskowitz Roe Ethridge Scott Olson Scott Penkava Spencer Sweeney Uri Aran Urs Fischer and Georg Herold

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Re: Jerry's Gavin Brown Exhibit

to Leah Stuhltrager
cc paige king ,
rebecca layton
date Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 5:29 PM
subject RE: Hey gang!

The "Adriana Lima" image is the "official" email image for the show. The curators also have three different versions of the press release besides the one I mailed. Attached are the other versions. The last one is worthless because they thought it would be funny to write in the illegible "wingdings" font- obviously they are going for some sort of really ambiguous narrative.

Because of the amount of artists in the show and subsequent artists' friends and friends of friends, they decided to do an email invite only with the materials I provided. Probably at the opening there will be hard copies of the press release, but no Adriana Lima sitting on a couch postcard.

I am exhibiting the "wooden lips" there. Probably soon after the opening they will have there official installation shots posted on the website- and if my sculpture is included, maybe we can use that image.

Hope to see you Wednesday (or sooner)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Jerry's Gavin Brown Exhibit

to rebecca layton
paige king
Leah Stuhltrager

date Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 6:27 PM
subject Hey gang!

Here is the official invite card and press release for the Gavin Brown Show. Its going to be a lot of fun with a lot of great artists. Hope you can make it.


from leah to jerry:

hey jerry,

we'll try to make the opening! thank you for the info.

in other news here:

got print tests of the pcs and all looked great. thus postcards were ordered. shipped ground. i'll let you know when they are to come in when i get the shipping confirmation info.

images are attached for further use.

i'm working on other materials as well and will be sending them tom.

i got the text and image you sent yesterday. i'd much rather use an image of your pc from the gavin brown show in promoting. which set of lips are you exhibiting there? is there any text on the show we can use to help promote?


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


rom Jerry Blackman
to leah stuhltrager ,
paige king ,
rebecca layton
date Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 10:25 PM
subject FW: DRAFTS & BLOG START...


I'm not trying to argue about anything- and I can't apologize enough if I'm coming off as "someone who feels they know better". Please design the postcard as you see fit- that'll be the last of it you hear from me.

As far as fodder for the CV- there isn't much else.

I did a semester abroad at Kyoto Seika University, Japan summer 2005
I am part of the Nurtureart Registry
the two awards I received from school are listed on the current version
professionally I interned at Capsule Gallery 2003, and worked for Kehinde Wiley 2004- but those are more like "job" jobs than "art" jobs.

and that's sorta it- no I don't have letterhead.

I'm sorry that there is so much aggression between the emails an I find it terribly upsetting that that is the case. Please let us, in the spirit of having an amiable and working relationship, move on and perhaps enjoy a drink together to get over what I hope is just a small hump.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re Postcard

from Leah Stuhltrager
to Jerry Blackman ,
paige damstuhltrager ,
rebecca layton
date Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 1:40 PM
subject Re: DRAFTS & BLOG START...


the logo can not be just randomly floating 1/3 down the card and white text is illegible with a white strip behind it.

honestly and bluntly, you are continually being very disrespectful. if you were to carry on this way with any other gallery they would have told you to fuck off long before now, case in point, gavin brown's website still has no mention of your show, which is essentially in little over a week. i highly doubt you have sent emails telling that gallery to write a press release for you or get the info onto their site, arguing what pieces are to be in the show or asserting how a postcard their should look. if you did so, it would be totally inappropriate. your emails are especially frustrating to me because i take the time to reply and explain the perimeters of decisions with all respect to you. replying takes time i could better put to use investing in your show in other aspects. meanwhile, in return to my replies, you continue to debate - taking the tone of someone who feels they know better than we do - rather than move forward.

we'll finish the original pc drafts. please drop the issue and know that your card will be conceptually smart and well designed.

your cv needs a lot of work. i'll need fodder. please send any info i can incorporate- places/causes you've donated work, orgs you are affiliated with (bushwich biennial, nurture art slide registry for example...), art projects you've participated in (for ex online's brooklyn art project or one night public art events or happenings), studio programs/ residencies/ talks you've participated in, honors you graduated with, art based internships, press that you've gotten... etc.

and very important - do you have letterhead???

we'll get you a blueprint of the gallery with our curatorial layout of work for the show by weekend's close.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Postcard

from Jerry Blackman
to leah stuhltrager
date Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 11:13 AM
subject RE: DRAFTS & BLOG START...

Thank you for writing back to me.

I've attached a word file with my current CV. And here is a different version of the postcard: I've changed the words around just a bit, and flipped the image. There should still be room for an address, stamp, and postal barcode.

the logo is fine- I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by "conceptual consideration". The first drafts to me looked like a tattoo, or a stamp I would get after a leaving a bar so I can get back in. If thats the direction you were going for- then lets go all the way and have a stamp made- stamp it on my skin- and photograph it! Maybe even make it look like dirt from the studio. If not- I guess the existing design isn't so bad.

The other email should be working- I think they were just running some diagnostic tests at that moment- and should be fine now.

About the drawings: I was just worried that with an opening full of people, there being just one sculpture against a wall would feel empty. Drawings, the "scrap sculpture" depicted on the card, another sculpture, or even a print out of this email thread to fill up some of the wall space might be interesting- and would be consistent with the theme of the show.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Postcard

from Leah Stuhltrager
to Jerry Blackman ,
paige damstuhltrager ,
rebecca layton
date Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 4:22 AM
subject Re: DRAFTS & BLOG START...


I took time since I last wrote to think about how I could best work with you from this point forward.

The plan of action:


Images selected:
The concept of the front of the card- "an artist's process/creating art" - we all agree on. The back concept needs to continue/reinforce/relate to the idea of "an artist's process/creating art". (Funny- our only thought at the gallery re: the back image was that your hand could be little dirtier or have tell-tale signs that it was indeed a hand in the midst of creating and not just staged. We didn't request a second batch of hand pictures and don't think more are necessary... But we do feel the ones you sent are much less effective since they depict a clean, idle hand and not a hand of an artist creating.) We will stick with the first two images selected.

I plan to finish the card Thursday. Feel free to present an alternative CONCEPT you'd like us to consider which incorporates the logo before Thursday. Otherwise, we will run with the finishing photoshop-ing the stamped logo which we like very much at the gallery. Sticking our logo in the corner - without conceptual consideration - is not an option that would look good on anyone involved.

Text next to finger:
The text you requested we move a bit away from the finger would impede the crop lines for the bleed and be either cut off in printing or pushed into the addressee space deemed necessary by the post office.

Text on top right:
I have already edited it. Thank you for catching the typo.

I couldn't get past the index pg for a good amount of time bc I did not realize I needed to click on the bottom visual. That's a big problem bc the public will not spend time to figure that out.

I just checked and can not find a raw text file of you CV on your submission CD or in my em. I also just went to your site to find it... And can not cut and paste the text from your site. If you send me a PDF or .doc file I would be glad to look it over and help organize it. Same is true with your artist statement. I can get edits to you by Sunday night if you get me the files by Friday.

Other than my offer to help edit this weekend, I can immediately say CVs generally have a set format for listing exhibits:
Most recent show goes at the top...
Date, "Exhibit Title", Venue, City, State
(Curator's name should go btwn Title & Venue ONLY if it is a very recognizable name. I bold the venue and curator's name so it jumps out in a quick glance. DO NOT include anything that just fills space but says nothing about your accomplishments. For random ex instead of "Night of 1000 Drawings", Artists Space, NY, NY on an exhibition list - at the bottom list Donated Art to: Artists Space, NY, NY.

EMAIL bounced back to me as undeliverable.

Paige, Rebecca and I will come to a consensus this weekend. I can say, refrain for the moment from getting frames... I am not as keen on framed drawings as I am drawings straight from the sketchbook.

I plan to work on this on Sunday and will either call for a pow-wow or email you more then.

Much respect,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Postcard

from Jerry Blackman
to leah stuhltrager
cc paige king,
rebecca layton
date Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 4:14 PM
subject RE: DRAFTS & BLOG START...

Hi everyone- hope the weekend treated you well

I think it was really smart to design the card with a wide shot on the front and a close-up on the back. I thought the first and second drafts of the back of the postcard sort of looked as if the return address stamp was a tattoo on the back of my hand- which is why I was so adverse to it. The concept could work maybe, but I wanted to provide more images that might be better. Here are some close-ups with the piece, (in progress), and some with both the piece and my hand. Perhaps these might help. I have larger files if we decide to go in this direction.

Also, lets discuss when and where we can meet to arrange the blog and I also wanted to follow up on an idea that Paige an I discussed: sketchbook drawings on the wall to accompany the sculpture- it seems like that would fit the theme of the show. I don't draw large, and want to keep the process documentation accurate, so I think some framed drawings right out of the book might be really nice.

The Gavin Brown has requested a CV for his show some time this week. I'm not sure if mine is up to speed- or how I should include Summer Session in it. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I think I forwarded a version to Leah earlier.

Thanks- till next time

Monday, June 22, 2009

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Postcard

from Jerry Blackman
to leah stuhltrager
date Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 12:16 PM
subject RE: DRAFTS & BLOG START...

dear Leah

i was thinking a little more about our exchange yesterday and wanted to follow up to say that i did not want to cause any offense and i really only wanted to provide constructive criticism. i can see how the curt nature of the email could sound condescending and pedantic, this was not my intent. I can sense from your email that it got you pretty upset. needless to say, I should probably reread things before I send them. In the meantime i want to clear the air between us and assure you that I am very excited to work with you on summer session. My interest in making the invite perfect is a reflection of my intent on making this project perfect. I'm looking forward to see you and the gang soon.

respectfully yours,

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Postcard

from Jerry Blackman
to leah stuhltrager
date Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 6:30 AM
subject RE: DRAFTS & BLOG START...

Sorry if it sounded condescending- I wasn't giving a grammar lesson- I was just thinking, (or typing) out loud- and making sure these different word variations sounded correct.

what about

What happens when a gallery changes focus from art's presentation to art's creation?

A little different- what do you think?

The stamp looks better. If it has to go over the hand can we fudge it a little to the left and up so it is centralized? I also think the bottom text can move over a few clicks to the left, a little further from the index finger.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Postcard

from Leah Stuhltrager
to Jerry Blackman ,
rebecca layton ,
paige damstuhltrager
date Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 9:48 PM
subject Re: DRAFTS & BLOG START...

jerry -

you caught a typo. indeed, it should read "onto". thank you.

a draft's purpose is to allow for any editing needed, just as you did. there is no need for a grammar lesson. your rant is condescending.

i already pointed out in a previous email that there are standards to formatting a postcards text. the gallery logo MUST go on the top left. it is the return address placement stipulated by the post office. i'll spare the description of how to address a letter because it would be inappropriate and disrespectful. (our draft also leaves clear the space deemed for a postal barcode, stamp and an addressee.)

as mentioned above, files sent to you were labeled "drafts" not "final" copy and were intended to be utilized as "drafts". between sending the drafts to you and receiving your email, we'd already addressed changing the position of your hand to allow for proper printing and cleaned up the logo address. i'm attaching the draft as it exists now for you. (please note it is still a "draft" even at this point. it needs more editing in photoshop to clean up the image and stamp.) i will wait on spending more time just yet, since you are not thrilled with the stamped logo as a concept.

we love the stamp concept at the gallery but are open to your input. feel free to offer ideas an alternative CONCEPT that would incorporate the logo into the upper left and communicate something about the gallery.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Postcard

from Jerry Blackman
to leah stuhltrager
date Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 7:23 PM
subject RE: DRAFTS & BLOG START...

thanks! ready for the pow wow whenever, but first.

I'm sorry but I hate the stamp image over the hand- I think it would work better in the bottom right- also, perhaps it should be a little clearer so that the address of the gallery is legible.

and second, shouldn't it read, "what happens when a gallery directs focus away from presentation onto an artist creating art?" or even better " What happens when a gallery directs focus away from presentation to the artist creating art?" or even "What happens when a gallery focuses away from presentation to the artist creating art?"

I just think less is more here- and that you don't really focus "into" something- you either focus "onto" something- or "focus in". Its actually a little complicated semantic thing: you can direct focus "away" from something- and you can direct focus "towards" something, and for comparison to having previously been focused on presentation- you can change and direct focus "to" something- in general you can focus "on" or "onto" something. You can "focus in on" something. You can "focus in" types of study, "he was an art major with a focus in late renaissance" and I guess you can direct focus "into" an artist creating art because that's more like an abstraction or a concept- but it still sounds a little funny to me. Just food for thought.

sorry for the rant