Friday, July 3, 2009

The Press Release Release

from Leah Stuhltrager
date Fri, Jul 3, 2009 at 9:37 PM
subject listings, evite & 2 press releases


I got the lowdown from Rebecca about your opening. I'm glad it went well!

We have two official press releases for your show. Although you already have the first one, I'm attaching both here for easy reference.

We have also begun getting listings out. (You can already see some progress by googling: Jerry Blackman, artist).

The evite will go out on Monday.

Happy holiday weekend!


Yeah- things are going well. People seem to be interested. I guess it was you who hooked me up with QI Peng from the Examiner?

Anyway, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind including some addresses in your postcard mailing.

My Mother:
xxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx, xx xxxxx

My Father:
xxxxx xxxxxxxx
xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx, xx xxxxx

And Myself:
Jerry Blackman
xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx, xx xxxxx

Thank you very much


qi peng is one of the vips i asked to join in...

he sent me some things to add to the blog.

i plan on updating it today btwn holiday festivities or tom.

postcards are due in monday.

will add the addresses.

mostly send out evites and disperse postcards round town.


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