Friday, July 3, 2009

Insight Please: The Request for Comments

Seeking answers some of the questions SUMMER SESSION raises about the relationship between art-artist-gallery-public, I sent emails to some who's insight, work and voice I truly admire. Although each letter may have differed a little personally, below is the general text:

Dear ----,

I'm am personally reaching out to interesting people I've met over the past few years in the art world to participate in our upcoming summer show. If you submit your voice/thought/words into our blog - you are in the show. No censoring... No fee... No jumping thru hoops... Just a request for you to be apart of an interesting conversation and an interesting exhibit....

Below are details.
Much respect,

Invitation to participate to Summer Session...

Dam, Stuhltrager's upcoming exhibit, SUMMER SESSION aims to inquire into art's process and progress as well as explore the inner workings of the art-artist-gallery-public relationship.

To fulfill the show's intention, the gallery is inviting artists, gallerists and art appreciators to participate in this exhibit by adding to the open discussion at: Along with exhibiting every text, pc, cv, photo draft, email involved with launching SUMMER SESSION's selected artist, Jerry Blackman - every blog comment will also be printed and hung as part of the physical exhibit in the gallery from July 11 - Aug 30. Sign your name if you'd like to be accredited or give input anonymously. NO VOICE WILL BE CENSORED and every single person contributing in the dialogue online will be included in the show.

Come what criticism may be tossed our gallery's way in buckets, we look forward to SUMMER SESSION's viewers and guests creating art (thus exploring art's process) by exploring the relationships of art - artist - gallerist - public.

If you join in, the discourse is sure to get interesting quick.

With respect,

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