Sunday, June 28, 2009

Curatorial Layout

from Leah Stuhltrager
paige damstuhltrager ,
rebecca layton
date Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 8:15 PM
subject curatorial layout for SUMMER SESSION


Paige got a chance today to update the blog with the Gavin Brown exhibit info postcards. I hope that all is gong well with installation there.

and... Whew! I didn't think we'd get to finalize this today but it seems everyone at the gallery had the same input and it came together quickly.

Attached is a curatorial layout.

As decided on at the studio visit, the anchor will be the focus point of the exhibit.

There is also wallspace dedicated to the displaying drawings, an idea that we've discussed in different ways throughout recent emails. Paige, Rebecca and myself all agree that we would like to see unframed original drawings/sketches hung in a cluster. This cluster of drawings can be added to or changed throughout the exhibit and should serve to give the audience a more comprehensive view of your work as a whole/ you as an artist. We see this part of the exhibit as means to interact with those looking much as a studio visit would. The drawings convey your ideas/ thought process for you - in all stages of development.

After much consideration how to tie the exhibition back to SUMMER SESSION's intention of focusing on creation of work and navigation of the professional art world, we've arrived at an idea that feels very "right" to us. In the curatorial layout, you will also see there is wall space to document the process/progress of SUMMER SESSION. We'd like to visually include a visual timeline of all the materials stemming from this exhibit from start to finish. Beginning with the original Call For Entries- to your submission, our notes, emails, drafts, edits, printouts of research and blog text, submissions to opportunities, photos, vip input, etc... All materials would be hung in a cluster on the wall, earliest dated highest towards the ceiling- most recent reaching towards the floor.

We'd entertain switching the walls dedicated to drawings and the process/progress timeline if you'd rather the drawings be hung in the front room with the anchor.

SUMMER SESSION is coming together nicely, even with a rocky start with all of us getting to know each other abruptly. I feel at this moment, this is a very special exhibit that does stay true to exploring the artist - gallery - art world relationship. It has potential to reach its goal to extending much further than being just an exercise in "presentation".

Much respect and good momentum your way,


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