Saturday, June 20, 2009


In this moment, the art world (like the rest of the world) is prioritizing where and how funds are spent. From museums to galleries to artists, from organizations to publications, creative minds have had to recently reevaluate, refocus and reinvent their way of spending.

A gallery and an artist embark on a summer journey together… Instead of financing a summer of exhibiting produced artwork, Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery will be funneling their resources directly back into the development of an artist. Under the guidance of curators and VIP guests, one special artist will navigate the course into the professional art world. Officially introducing this artist to the greater art community - from creating a new piece to promoting/marketing to building a portfolio to having the work seen, placed and shown- will comprise the exhibit.

Publicly sharing the artist-gallery relationship is an exercise in exposing the realities within the art world and exploring the dynamics that govern the art world. Through an online blog, viewers will be able to trace the exhibit as it is develops, behind the scenes.

To find the one talented artist to collaborate with in "SUMMER SESSION", an open call was held by Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery. From all the submissions, artist Jerry Blackman was selected.


A new artist to submit to the gallery, Jerry Blackman’s sculpture and installation art stood out as a refreshing contemporary take on incorporating symbolism and iconography. Latent with a very current view of ageless visuals, Blackman’s work carries on an identity that is youthful and inquisitive.

To view of Blackman’s art that was submitted to gallery, please visit:

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