Monday, June 8, 2009

Re: The Postcard

from Leah Stuhltrager
date Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 11:46 AM
subject Touching Base


First, I am very glad that you are excited about Summer Session.

Second, I am very glad to hear your studio visit went well. As I stated when at your studio, the press release was written at your request specifically for the purpose of the open studio. We'll be sure to go public with a glorious press release about you when it is the appropriate time. As policy, it is way too early. (For example, I checked Gavin Brown's site post studio visit. There is no info on your/any show past 6/20.) I will however update the text on the site to indicate "Summer Session" will focus just on you since having Ira still listed is incorrect information.

This is the first and only time we will ever do anything like "Summer Session" at Dam, Stuhltrager. Every year, we choose a different theme and have a Call For Entries. The curators name the exhibit something appropriate to the theme. "Summer Session" was conceived to provide an exciting emerging artist opportunity to learn about the art world from the inside. The gallery would be used as a place to create, where process and progress are visible in both the artwork and artist's developing text, promotional materials, online presence, a portfolio, a project and resources to utilize for long past close of August.

At its core, "Summer Session" stemmed from the gallery administration team unanimously deciding it was very important to offer artists much, much, much more than a summer group show notch on their resume.

I am concerned that the curators intention of is being removed from "Summer Session" and want to realign the focus of this opportunity with its original purpose. In "Summer Session", you will be developing a new work while gaining tools to build yourself as an artist. This show is not about presenting artwork, its about supporting the creation of art and future career of an artist.

While some aspects of this experience for both the gallery team and you are adaptable, the show title and curatorial concept should be steadfast. Any title we promote other than "Summer Session" should be the title of the artwork produced during the duration.

As far as the postcard image sent, I honestly do not understand what you intend a viewer to know about you or your work from it. The front of the card should NOT have text unless the show/work is itself text or it is a group show. I'd like to see a candid, sincere, energized picture of you working in your studio on the front of the card. Leave the information/text on the back to me. There is a specific formula that must be readable within the art world and the postal world. (Its one of those great "tools" every curator picks up after having a thousand postcards returned rubberbanded together.)

I see a lot of great things in you and really want to give you resources. If we get on the same page, this could be great.

With respect and good will,


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